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Don’t face your financial struggles alone

The attorneys at Bolton Law Group have been involved in more than 15,000 bankruptcy cases over the past 30 years. They provide engaging, professional service for both individuals and small businesses. Phil Bolton is a Board Certified Specialist In consumer and bankruptcy law and can use his experience to help you get the financial restart you need.

Work with the same attorney from start to finish

Every time you meet with our team, you’ll meet with the same attorney. The same lawyer will consult with you, be your point of contact throughout the case, and help you make decisions along the way. We don’t pride ourselves on bringing in the highest volume of clients possible — we pride ourselves on treating each of our clients with respect and personalized attention.

A Law Firm for the Common Man

When you’re facing financial hardship, you may battle feelings of guilt and regret. At the Bolton Law Group, we want to emphasize that financial burdens can happen to anyone and that bankruptcy can provide a fresh start. No matter what situation you’re facing, you’ll immediately feel welcomed and understood with our team.

Benefits of Working with Bolton Law Group

Step 1

Free consultations.

If you’re an individual or business facing bankruptcy, you may think that an attorney is the last thing you can afford. At the Bolton Law Group, we offer free consultations, allowing you to get to know our team and our services with no obligation.

Step 2

Immediate protection.

Foreclosure, repossession, judgments, levies, and creditor action are all fears that you may be facing during times of financial hardship. Our team will help protect you from these repercussions so you can restart your financial life.

Step 3

Help rebuilding your credit.

It’s a common misconception that your credit has to take a long-term hit after you file for bankruptcy. Our team can advise you on how to rebuild your credit and build a foundation for long-term financial prosperity.

"I am able to help people. I do what I do so I can make their lives better. My clients know that it is very difficult to do it on their own. I try and find the best way to inform my clients and give them advice on their current situation. I give them the help they need in a fast and reasonable time to get their life back on track."

- Phil Bolton